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About Smar UK Ltd

Smar UK Ltd was established in 2003 to better support UK customers; end users, integrators, OEM's, consultants and engineering companies. The UK office is based in Romsey, Hampshire benefiting from space to expand, and an environment conducive to a good quality of life for our employees.

About Smar

Founded in 1974, SMAR is recognized as one of the global leaders in controls and instrumentation for process automation. The company has subsidiaries in all regions and representatives in 60 countries. Recognized as "First In Fieldbus," Smar has pioneered many of today's advanced digital field instrument and control network technologies. This is consolidated in a broad product offering based on the industry-standard HART, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, Modbus, DeviceNet and Profibus protocols.

Smar's powerful SYSTEM302 has gained prominence as a "best-in-class" process automation solution. Control Distribution, System Configuration, Asset Management, Network Management and System Documentation are all available in one, easy-to-use, integrated control system. Interoperable with all major network protocols, SYSTEM302 simplifies your automation decisions. This open, scalable solution is designed to protect your installed asset and co-exist with any legacy systems.

Smar's complete system integration capabilities include one of the industry's widest selections of field devices, interfaces, integrated circuits and software.

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