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Why Smar?

Process Control Technology and Performance

Smar focuses on developing intelligent products and control systems based on "Open" standards. As an example Smar has a leading position in the world of Fieldbus for Process Control. Due to our dedication Smar achieved the following...

More recently...

The result is a leading range of 4-20mA, HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus instrumentation and control systems.

Automation suppliers such as Endress+Hauser, Rockwell Automation and Metso Automation have licensed the use of Smar Technology.

"Open" Standards

Key is our commitment to "Open" international standards. It is our belief open standards (when implemented correctly) provide affordable and maintainable control systems. But beware of systems which are proprietary at their core with bolt on "open" interfaces. These are not the same as systems which were designed from the ground up using only Open standards.

Service and Value

We design, manufactures and produce our field devices and control systems (Hardware and Software). By having expertise in house and maintaining good relationships with our customers, integrators and distributors we are able to ensure reliable performance, service and value.

Practical Benefits - Systems

We give our control system customers a "Guarantee of Interoperability" with any Fieldbus Foundation tested and approved device. We do not need to maintain a list of field devices approved for use on our system. Why?... because we have always focused our efforts on developing our system to support "all" the functionality and technology defined in the Foundation Fieldbus specifications. By doing so we can avoid the problems encountered when a system doesn't support the functionality required by a component you want to use.

Smar's Foundation Fieldbus control system ("SYSTEM302") is exactly that, a Foundation Fieldbus control system. It is not a PLC with separate processor and Foundation Fieldbus interface card, nor is it a DCS with separate processor and Foundation Fieldbus interface card, these solutions contain proprietary software functions. Proprietary software is bad for you because after you purchase a system the vendor has no competition, you cannot go anywhere else for future expansion and development of the system, you are restricted to the vendor of the PLC or DCS for future upgrades and functionality, that can cost you lots of money over the life of the system. If you buy systems that do not have proprietary software and the system is truly "Open" then you are in control. When you want to expand you have the option who to buy from, therefore the vendors are always in competition saving you lots of money.

SYSTEM302 is named after our manufacturers code given to us by the Fieldbus Foundation ("00302"). It is a modular process automation and control system for very large plants down to small packages. It integrates remote I/O (digital, 4-20mA, pulse etc), HART and Modbus. System302 is particularly cost effective due to its open nature and modularity.

SYSTEM302 makes use of two advanced Foundation Fieldbus features, Function Block Instantiation and Multi-Variable Containers (MVC's). These two features enable SYSTEM302 to have more control in the field devices with faster control loops and supervision times. SYSTEM302 is a fast and leading Foundation Fieldbus control system.

We offer a full range of engineering, services and training to help with the selection, design, provision, installation and commissioning of process control systems.

For more information on System302 click here.

Practical Benefits - Field Devices

Our HART devices have advanced diagnostics and most have on board PID control, often removing the need for a separate PID controller.

Our 4-20mA + HART devices can be upgraded to Fieldbus in the field by changing just one circuit board. You do not have to remove the device from the field to update your control system, and often the old 4-20mA cabling can also be used.

All our Foundation Fieldbus devices support "Dynamic" Function Block Instantiation. This is an advanced feature of the Foundation Fieldbus standard first implemented by Smar in 1999. At every download the user can select up to 20 Function Blocks from a library of 17 types. With support for 44 VCRs as well, Smar devices can provide more functionality in the field. Due to Dynamic Function Block instantiation the device only executes Function Blocks that are used, improving control response times. This combined with advanced features such as MVC (see below) provides fast control and supervision.

SYSTEM302 and all our Foundation Fieldbus devices support Multi-Variable Container (MVC) technology. This advanced feature of Foundation Fieldbus enables Smar devices to package together and transmit just the data the supervision system (SCADA/HMI) requires. If a system or a field device does not support Multi-Variable Containers (MVC's) then information requested by the supervisory system is transferred in standardised blocks of data called VIEWS. When using VIEWS even if you only want one piece of data contained in a VIEW the device has to transmit all the data in a view. Consequently using Multi-Variable Container technology can give you faster control and supervision times.

All our Fieldbus devices support firmware updates. Fieldbus standards are continuously evolving to extend the boundaries of functionality. Over the last four years (1999 - 2004) Smar has released many new firmwares (20+) enabling old Smar devices and systems to perform to the latest functionality. In a time of evolving fieldbus standards, demanding interoperability and functionality, the ability for field devices to support firmware updates is more than just beneficial. It could save you from having to renew instruments and the control system. As an example our customers are able to update firmware in five year old devices to meet today's Fieldbus specifications and functionality. New firmware is made freely available on our website for customers to use.

All our field devices (except DT301) provide local adjustment (including Zero and Span) without the need to open the device. Therefore you can maintain its IP and EEx rating whilst maintaining and configuring the device in the field, reducing the risk of damage to the device and plant.

All field devices have optional displays that are configurable by the user to display up to 4 sets of two line alphanumeric data. In the case of our Foundation Fieldbus devices this data can come from the device itself or from another device on the network.

Our PROFIBUS PA and Foundation Fieldbus devices are physically identical, only firmware and product labels are different. By changing the firmware you can change a device from Profibus PA to Foundation Fieldbus and vice versa.

All our Fieldbus devices have a very low current consumption of 12mA. This can reduce installation costs (cabling & power supplies), increase the maximum useable length of cable and decrease the number of safety barriers when compared to other devices with a higher current consumption.

For more information on our range of field devices please click here.


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